July 2010

No hurries. That’s how I want things to work this time. A hug with our noses,  a subtle encounter of lips, rubbing them, feeling them, and then a passionate kiss. Like a real first one should be. After that, he holds me in his arms, and we talk for hours, enjoying every second of this moment that’s only for us.

We are just kids. 15 and 16 years old. Full of everything, of dreams and hopes and feelings. This little world we created seems too good to be true. And that’s why we can’t rush it. We are friends, but friends that exchange soft pecks once in a while, that fall asleep on the phone and that text each other first thing in the morning.

He is constantly asking me “What are we?”. “Don’t worry about that now”, I said while his mouth was trying to take the words away from me, “Live for this moment, don’t rush it and don’t overthink it. Enjoy your life the way you deserve it. And if it’s time, choose me to be the one that makes you happy. Kiss me, feel me, every inch of me, and whisper the words that are only right when they come out of your mouth. But don’t rush it. Do it like we’ve just met one month ago, not like we’ve fallen in love 2 years ago. A new relationship, without prejudice, without pressure, without jealousy. Only love, and time, and commitment. And smiles, loads of those!”.

This is what feels right right now. And you know what? I’m happy. BLISSFULLY HAPPY!

I love you P. Always will.



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