15 Day Letter Challenge – day 2 – DEAR PERSON I LIKE

Dear person I like,

I like you and I shouldn’t. I like you and it hurts me that I do because you don’t. But it was since the first day we met that I knew something was going to happen to me in a way that it never did. I can’t say I fell in love because thank god I didn’t, but I fell in like with you. With you and all the things you do. The way you touch me like no one ever has. The way you put your hand behind my head so it doesn’t hit the wall. The way you tucked me under the covers and hugged me when I was crying. The way you smell, and you talk, and you comfort me and make me angry at the same time. I like you because of all those things, but I hate you at the same time. Because it’s not fair that you disappear after making me feel this way, it’s not fair that, when I’m finally forgetting, you show up. And that when you show up you always come back. I hate you for coming back, but I like you for being there.



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